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"Mark is a wonderfully versatile actor! He brings depth and richness to the characters he plays. Mark consistently makes smart and interesting choices in his work. And above all he is a terrific person to work with on a project." - Edgar Landa, Director


"Mark's got an immense scope, but that's because he's got an immense humanity. He's the kind of an actor who's going to bring his whole frickin' heart to it. By the end of the day, you're not just glad you got him in the role, you're glad you've got someone like him in the room, and in your project and in this business." - Jane Shepard, Writer / Director


"Mark asks all the right questions and has an uncanny ability to try new choices at the drop of a hat. The best part is he also knows when to drop a choice to serve the large picture. Work with him." - Cindy Marie Jenkins, Writer / Director


"Mark is one of the most crazy versatile actor I have ever seen.  He always gives an original take on whatever role he is playing.  In a nutshell, Mark's acting is fun and fascinating!" - Zander Stefano, Director

"Mark is a pleasure to work with. He has great instincts and suggestions, and can always contribute to his character, from emotional analysis of his character to just finding a good piece of business for the scene. Something that I very much appreciate is that Mark fully commits to every performance and adjustment. He is quite intelligent, empathic, and personable, and those qualities allow for a collaborative atmosphere, a good comprehension of the material, and an understanding of the emotional context of the character and the beats in the scene. He is an asset to any film." - Pierre Finn, Director

"As a producer, you're always looking for an actor you can depend on in the eleventh hour. Mark is that actor.  He brings that kind of undeniable presence you don't see very often.  A talented performer. A professional through-and-through. And frankly, a funny mother-fucker." - Blake Larsen, Writer, Show Runner

"Mark is a pleasure to work with. He is professional, hard working and hilarious. He puts in extra hours and truly commits to a role. He is versatile; able to change from serious to funny or angry or sad in the snap of a finger. He has such a positive, contagious energy on set that always. Simply put, he is awesome." - Sally Jacobson, Show Runner

"Mark is a true professional, a fine actor, and a pleasure on set.  It was a joy for me to see him bring to life a suave psychic medium in my sit-com pilot "Undying Love".  He literally became the character I spent months creating, and added nuances to the role I never imagined." - David Ngo, Writer, Producer

"Mark brings his "A" game. He dives in without having to be cajoled or courted or bribed with fancy craft services  He brings it."  - Chiara Adorno

"I could always count on Mark to give me a powerful performance. He's very open to changes and was enjoyable to work with. I hope to collaborate with him again on future projects." - Jon Angelier

"Mark is an awesome mixture of intensity, intelligence and warmth." - Tom Beyer, Director

"Mark is a true professional with a terrific sense of humor, on and off camera and a great screen presence to boot." - Dominic Sanchez, Director

"He is one of the most professional and gracious people I have had the pleasure to work with, not to mention incredibly versatile in his talent as an actor. In addition, his wickedly handsome appearance makes him a formidable force to anyone lucky enough to work with him." - Alisa Tangredi Wilson, Writer

"Mark is great at infusing an engagingly enigmatic performance with real humanity." - Joe Jordan, Director

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