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"Mark McClain Wilson has incredible range.  He can make you laugh.  Make you cry.  Scare the hell out of you.  He's a terrific actor and someone I would work with any chance I get."  - Stephen Chbosky, Writer / Director - The Perks of Being a Wallflower

"Mark has both an effortless charm and riveting intensity that brings living breathing life to his characters." - John Dowdle, Director - Devil, The Pougheepsie Tapes


I have worked with Mark for the last few months. He is the real deal. He has intelligence and passion. He is giving as an actor. There is clarity in his work that enables him to easily handle comedy or drama. He takes risks in improvisation. And one of the most important things in my book: he is professional. Always on time. Always prepared. Always ready to go with the flow. Interest and time working with Mark is time well spent." - Stephen Tobolowsky, Actor / Teacher, Groundhog's Day, Thelma and Louise, Glee, Mississippi Burning

"Mark is one of those actors that always shows up ready to work with unique, thoughtful choices that honor what's on the page while at the same time putting a spin on it that's truly his own." - Bob DeRosa - Writer, White Collar

"Mark is a tremendously versatile and highly skilled actor.  He is a great team player, always willing to say "yes," and he infuses the room with his positive, expansive energy.  It's always a pleasure to work with him." - Nancy Keystone, Director

"Mark is an extremely generous collaborator and performer. Always willing to experiment, Mark has an uncanny ability to investigate and illuminate the work with inventiveness, creativity and imagination. He is a truly dedicated artist who make the process invigorating and I have been privileged to see my own work grow as a result of his contributions." And for good measure: " And, if I do say so myself, he's sure easy on the eyes." - Aaron Henne, Writer, Director, and Creative Director - Theatre Dybbuk


"Mark brought his "A" game on day one. Some directors find this intimidating, but I was thrilled and relieved that my leading actor hit the ground running. And although he consistently delivered in rehearsal and on stage with polish and vulnerability, Mark continued to ask for notes. This is the most a director could ever want from an actor." - Patricia McKee, Director

"Mark is one of those rare talents that can make you feel, make you think, and surprise you at every turn. When he's on the stage or on the screen you can't take your eyes off him." - Edo Ballerini, Writer / Director

"Mark is that rare performer capable of both great dramatic intensity and comedic lightness. Always a commanding presence, he never disappoints." - Jenelle Riley, Writer / Director


"Mark is a true professional, a joy to work with, and an artist that is truly dedicated to his craft. I can trust him, not only to do the work, but to follow thru, and give 100% of himself." - Che'Rae Adams, Writer / Director

"Mark approaches his roles with a fearless confidence that any actor should be envious of. Seriously, I've seen this guy do some crazy shit. I've watched him play a feral cat. I've watched him get his head sawed off. I've watched him play ghosts, politicians, lunatics - The important thing is, I kept watching. Mark's ability to capture a role and  live comfortably inside a strange world is mesmerizing; as a writer, this is the kind of person you want to trust your dialogue to. Mark's choices on stage make me look smarter than I really am." - Todd Lepre, Director / Producer

"I had the pleasure to work with Mark McClain Wilson in two projects.  Through these films, I discovered that Mark possesses a tremendous energy that he channels in to each and every role.  Mark is versatile, powerful, and creates real characters that demand attention.  Across projects, I found Mark to possess great range and craft and an uncanny ability to breathe life into each and every facet of his role.  His talent and commitment make him a true collaborator in the very best sense." - Jonathan Deutsch, Director


"Mark is an absolute pleasure to work with! He is eager to please, he brings his own great ideas and talent to the table, but still takes direction extremely well - a fantastic team player!" - David Gunther, Director

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