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"The sound design (Wilson) is also one of the stars here, offering original music as well as aural gags--from punches

thrown to prolonged micturition." - Backstage West

"The sound effects design by Mark McClain Wilson also adds to the nuttiness of the entire ensemble." - KXLU FM

"Mark McClain Wilson's sound lurches from Sousa to remixed national anthem, Orwellian slogans flash and a party

smoker of diabolical scope begins." - Los Angeles Times

"​Mark McClain ​Wilson's sound design is delightful and irreverent" - LAist

"Mark McClain Wilson's sound design is first rate." - Stage Scene L.A.

"​Sound designer Mark ​McClain Wilson has ​created a spooky soundscape for Haley’s chilling one-act play." - ArtsBeat L.A.

"High marks go also to Mark McClain Wilson’s sound design" - Stage Scene L.A.

"Mark McClain Wilson's particularly chilling and atmospheric sound design." - L.A. Weekly

"Sound designer Mark McClain Wilson's work is singular." - L.A. Weekly

"Director Bill Voorhees utilizes his large cast to create a mood of phantasmagoria, ably assisted by Mark McClain

Wilson's sound design" - Backstage

"The sound design by Mark McClain Wilson was also solid, smart and note-worthy." - Real Theatre Reviews L.A.

"Mark McClain Wilson’s superb sound design gets the audience in the mood" - Tolucan Times

"Mark McClain Wilson’s ominous sound is particularly evocative." - Los Angeles Times

"Mark McClain Wilson’s powerful sound design (Nine Parts of Desire)....." - SmilePolitely

"Wilson’s wonderfully designed sound (Nine Parts of Desire)....." - Chapagne News-Gazette


"Mark McClain Wilson’s perfectly timed sound effects" - Long Beach Beachcomber


"...special snaps to sound designer Mark McClain Wilson’s Looney Toons-ready whistles, boings, and bells." - Stage Scene L.A.


"Credit also must be given to the show’s designer, Mark McClain Wilson, who complements Oberst’s performance, with his subtle sounds through the performance, and also the disembodied voices that act as a second player to Oberst’s soliloquy" -


"Mark McClain Wilson’s superbly chiseled sound design that supports Oberst’s efforts to excellent effect." -


"Mark Wilson deserves praise for for his beautifully woven sound web." -


"Wilson's amazing sound design help to create the perfect environment." - Matthew Martin


"You, simply, can’t get any better in the sound design department than Marc McClain Wilson. His spooky voices and sound bits sent chills down your spine and made the hair on your arms stand on end." - Andrew Amani


"“Anna, in the Darkness” could be described as a one-woman show, but thanks to Mark McClain Wilson’s terrifying sound design, nearly 20 voices fill the theater with violent threats, cryptic Bible verses, abusive talk and foreboding doom." -


"Wilson's sound effects permeating the entire performance, are all effectively chilling. Atmospheric, moody, spooky, and disturbing – but in an entertainingly creepy way!" - Richard Graves 

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