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"Wilson’s Noah is suitably obstreperous." -


"Wilson's performance is intriguing" - Stage Raw L.A.


"Wilson tears into the seriocomic fracas without blinking, conveying the most outré of Kessler’s metaphors, while managing the contradictions" - L.A. Times


"Wilson is great in this testosterone charged dark comedy of brawls and baseball" - Discover Hollywood


"Wilson's Noah is the scumbag incarnate." -


"Wilson is heartbreaking & delicate as Merrick, leaving his deformed face to our imagination but acting out each movement as if he looks as gruesome as he is said to." - AlongComesMary

"Mark McClain Wilson brilliantly portrays John Merrick in a new production of Bernard Pomerance’s The Elephant Man. Using only his voice and contorted physicality, Wilson transforms himself into the grotesquely deformed turn-of-the-century tragic figure...Wilson’s performance is emotionally gripping, exquisitely conveying the gentleness, intelligence and dignity of this strange, often gawked at and repelled fellow." - ArtsBeatLA

"Wilson brings a touch of charm to the role, taking a huge bite of the plum role and savoring to the max." - Review Plays

"Powerful" - LAist

"Wilson finds Peter's pain and passion." - CurtainUp

"Formidable" - Los Angeles Times

"Mark McClain Wilson is magnificent" - Backstage West

"Arresting Depth" - Los Angeles Times

"Wilson gives a searing performance" - L.A. Weekly

"Wilson adds another affecting portrayal to his gallery as the tormented widower, Nathan." - Los Angeles Times

"Wilson's portrayal of his character's eventual breakdown from the pain of his loss is heart-wrenching." - Burbank Leader

"Wilson has just the right touch of dark mystery about him in the role" - Review Plays

"Fearlessly Talented" - Tolucan Times

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