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Gentle friends, you may be wondering where I have been.  Where have I gone?  Have I been on a

many wondrous adventures?  Have I been traveling the world attempting to find inner peace

through pasta, yoga, and meditation?  Heck, NYET, gentle friends!  This boy's been workin'!  Doin'

what, you ask?  Well, just simmer down, now, and I'll tell you the tale.

                                            First off, movies with guns!  I had the great pleasure of shooting the contemporary western 

                                            drama "Whining Low", in which I got to play a corrupt border patrol agent.  Great shoot with

                                            an enormously talented cast and crew.  I followed this

                                            up by filming the horror western "Unbeaten Path" 

                                            Crazy, fun shoot in Big Bear. You can view the final

                                            product on youtube! 


                                            Here's the link:





Following these two shoots, I shot a fun guest star on the web series, "Well, That Was Awkward" playing a.........well, you'll have to watch the series to see.  But just check out the costume, and you can tell, it's prettttttttty creep (and FUNNY).  Then, I had the great, great pleasure of working with Ben Schneider and Moe Sleeper on the short film, "In the Underside"  It is a beautiful story and will be making the festival rounds in the next year.  In between these two projects, I had the great pleasure of performing the play, "Dirt" at Rogue Machine in conjunction with the Stuart Rogers Theatre.  It was a very intense and beautiful piece.











   Lastly, I just shot a truly hilarious heist film called "Brief" playing Italian gangster Don Giancarlo.  Fantastic shoot with

                                                                   a really fun crew.  Plus, the web series "A.S.K.

                                                                   (What Could Be the Harm)" just went viral on

                                                                   Funny or Die.  Watch episodes here: 


                                                                 And I'm just about to start sound designing and

                                                                 understudying "The History of Comedy" at the

                                                                 Falcon Theatre in Burbank.  More details to

                                                                 come.  Happy Belated Valentine's Day, Luvuhs!

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